• Sheba The Healer


Often times we sit in spaces and places that don't serve us a great deal with our physical, mental, emotional & spiritual selves as spiritual beings. If we think back, those spaces were dealing out and dealing with mental breakdowns, anguish and despair. And just by our presence in those environments we've been attached to those attributes that either; no longer serve us, should have never been served to us & was imbedded in us upon birth.

We walk through life thinking that life is supposed to be lived this way. It's called the "Penitentiary Philosophy" (See Erykah Badu's Mama's Gun 2000). We were born into homes that taught us everything we DIDN'T need to know in a way that put negativity in the forefront of our minds when true authentic love should have been there. We grew up thinking of methods of survival instead of just learning to enjoy life. Some of us had to be Mommy. Because mommy works all the time because daddy left and ain't never comin/came back.

We had to play Daddy because Mommy got tired and frustrated with her poor decisions and made you her "King" because all the men she chose didn't make the cut. A life that put us in a physical, mental, emotional & spiritual jail cell because of their lack of knowledge.

One of the MAIN negative attributes that were taught was PESSIMISM. We were always taught to go with what was safe. Go to college. Believe in Jesus. No other religion exist but Jesus. Get a good GOVERNMENT job. Anything outside of those ideas of thinking and ways of living was gon lead you to a slow death of pain, "you was going to hell" or was "crazy". Even in our relationships. If it didn't look the way THEY were used to "it" looking, the way THEY wanted it to look, if it didn't make the family look good in public OR THEY just straight up ain’t like it, there was negativity spoken about it either to your face, behind your back….or both. AND..... you better "FIX IT"! The families name was on the line!

So that method of child rearing has led US to always see the negative in everything and everybody even when the positive is being shown on the forefront. At what point do we ask ourselves, “Am I tired of being negative?", "Am I tired of sitting around MISERABLE people?”

“Do I ever want to change?", or “How can I change?".

It's not until we get into that mindset of change that it will open up a door to change. If everything brought to you will be greeted with negativity, how do you know when to let negativity leave you? Often times we are met with opportunity's for change. It's all in the matter in which we receive them. But if you keep the Penitentiary Philosophy of a mindset..... You’ll never receive the keys to be free from the prison THEY have put you in.


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